Four easy ways to let your pet adjust to a new home

Just like humans, your pet dogs also dislike the idea of moving to a new place.

It’s not like taking them to veterinarians in Virginia Beach to have them sedated or let them take a “home transfer” pet counseling, instead you need to personally deal with it in order to minimize the impacts, especially since there are simple and practical ways to do it.

Here are some simple yet effective ways on how to reduce, or better yet, prevent your pets from getting stressed when moving to a new home.

Spend more bonding time with your dogs

One of the factors that ease your dogs is familiar smells no matter where they are. At least a week before moving out, you can spend more time bonding with your dog to make them more accustomed to familiar smells. This can be their means to keep them calm and comfortable when you move into a new home.

Make sure to bring along some of the most common items that your pets use such as a pillow, towel, sleeping box or toys to help them get settled in by having familiar things they associate with.

Maintain old habits and routines

Stick to your common activities and habits with your pets, so that they can focus on the same things that they used accustomed to doing regularly.

Stick to your routines such as daily walks, play times, or going to the park.

If you are moving to a smaller place such as a condo unit or a smaller apartment with few open spaces, there sure will be some changes in your daily activities. Try to consider what adjustments you need to make and slowly make these adjustments little by little.

Be patient with your pet

Not all dogs could easily adjust well like others right away, but it does not mean that they cannot adjust at all. Dealing with some of the effects of stress on your dog could be frustrating, especially if it takes longer than you expected.

Always be patient and continue to acclimate them to the new place as usual.

Monitor their health

There are some pets that may not take lightly to stress and could have an impact on their health. Make sure to visit a vet or animal hospital Virginia Beach regularly to monitor their health condition and ensure they stay healthy.