Is this the ideal new lead generation strategy for radio?

lead generation strategy for radio

Although many businesses have identified radio as an effective medium for lead generation, it has failed to yield the expected results based on cost per acquisition. In the past four years, the Ultimate Media has focussed more on consistent testing and trial. As a consequence, they have established a six-step strategy to guarantee a successful and consistent lead generation on the radio on a cost per acquisition basis. The six steps are summarised below:

– Step #1: Simple radio concept is identified: The entry mechanic remains simple to generate several entries as possible.

Step #2: Consistent and regular on-air presence: Sufficient presence is needed to generate enough entries and keep the message quite simple.

– Step #3: Attractive Cash Prize Money: Cash is king listeners respond better to cash than to products.

– Step #4: Web SMS & API Opt-In integration: Ensure integration with all call centres. Speed is of paramount importance, especially in the “Golden Hour.”

– Step #5: Implement & Course Correct: Monitor feedback and get daily updates on conversions and course correct where necessary.

– Step #6: Augmenting Your Leads: Consider segmenting your leads by core demographics and forecast which are most likely to result in conversions.

Generating more business leads is core to successful business marketing strategies. The marketing team will drive interest and satisfy the demands of customers if they focus more on generating viable leads. Prioritising leads also help the business to prioritise its follow-up strategy. Businesses also use lead scores to save valuable time for other ventures. Generating leads also reduces the need to use cold calls. Research shows only 2% of cold calls result in a business appointment.

The sales team can use the lead scores to decide on the right digital lead marketing strategies to follow. Generating leads also help businesses to get the most from their marketing automation software. Marketing software has recorded remarkable growth in the past one decade by providing marketers with more access to workflows, analytics, and tools. Working with a reputed lead agency also provides business owners with the ultimate opportunity to focus more on results. A good lead agency focuses on driving useful leads to a business website by focusing on priorities, goals, and initiatives.

Generating leads also provide businesses with the ultimate opportunity to work with a team of specialists including branding experts, social media marketing strategists, conversion specialists, graphic designers, SEO experts, copy editors, and writers. Generating useful leads has also been identified as one of the best ways of shortening the sales cycle. The generated leads help the sales team to identify signals immediately from prospects willing to try the firm’s products or services. Including an influential Radio presenter to the marketing campaign will optimise the lead generation outcomes by 20% or more.