Some way how you should not build links for your website?

By now you might have gotten the idea what link building is and why it is essential for search engine optimization. Best SEO company in Indore extensively employ link building strategies to build domain authority and page authority of their clients’ websites.

While link-building, one needs to be very careful with the strategy as a wrong move can bring down the website ranking or can even get it penalized by the search engines. Being an SEO expert, one should not only know how to build a link for a website, but also how not to build link.

Here are some ways not to build links for your websites in the year 2019.

1. Paid Links

Link building is something that can be done for free of cost. If a third party service provider claims to provide link building techniques for a price, you should better stay away from them.

2. Link Exchanges

Once this technique was extensively used by all, but today it is considered spam by Google. It may sound legit to post a link to a website in exchange for a link back, but it can actually hurt your website ranking.

3. Article Marketing

Like link exchanges, article marketing used to be a prevalent technique of link-building. Every other business present online was using this tactic to build links for their website; however, Google has now marked it as spam content.

4. Automated Programs

Although rare, some businesses make use of paid software programs to look for sites on the internet to throw their articles for link-building. 

5. Text Link Ads

This is another link building method which was once very popular but is not used any longer. In this technique, the ads were placed on various other sites without the ‘nofollow’ tag. Given its spammy nature, Google can de-index your site if you are caught practicing this tactic.

6. Abusing Press Releases

In recent years, websites and businesses have increasingly started to miss use press releases. Although press releases are meant to share new, informative details about a product or a service, there are many who are abusing this tactic. Unless you have anything newsworthy to share, refrain from releasing a PR.

7. Low-Quality Directories and Bookmarking Sites

Until now, many businesses use this tactic to submit blog and website links to online directories and social bookmarking sites. The technique is highly time-consuming and often gives no results. Nowadays, this technique is often seen as spam as most of the directories are of low quality and little authority.

8. Link Pyramids

This is another of a time-consuming link-building tactic which should be dropped by websites. Link pyramid works through various levels, and only those links that are at the top two levels reap the benefit.